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I was born in Toulouse in the 60s. My mother, alone at the time, worked and could not take care of me, but she nevertheless wanted me to receive a good education.

She rightly thought that one can not succeed in life without imposing a minimum of discipline and without learning the basic rules of life in society.
It is therefore in a secular boarding school that I grew up and acquired the essential values ​​that every being should possess: Click here

– honesty,
– the sense of sharing,
– the acceptance of the other,
– and independence

These values, associated with a nature, generous and optimistic, allowed me to get out of the difficult situations that I met and forged my character.

A whole character, voluntary, difficult to live for some, with a frank talk, which has not always attracted sympathies … especially in the middle of escorting.

I love men, and those I meet in my business, are courteous, respectful and caring.

But it is clear that if some people find it normal not to negotiate my fees, and do not tu me at first contact, others, under the pretext that they are potential customers, full scholarships ( and not necessarily those that the we believe …) believe they are dispensed from good manners and accept badly, even very badly that they are put in their place, sometimes without care.

This gives rise to settling of accounts by guides or discussion forums interposed, insults, blocking schedules, harassing phone calls, and other things equally pleasant …

These gentlemen, do not like the women who bring her back, for stronger reasons if they are prostitutes, and take care to make you understand it.

In this regard, I remember my first intervention on a discussion forum, which raised a public outcry.

While I was offended by the way in which they recounted their experiences, comparing this place of discussion at the agricultural show, I was told, in essence, that we had no advice to receive from the share of a prostitute … ..


I thought to myself that I had to deal with a bunch of frustrated people who were not supposed to bring her back often to their workplace or their wives and that this forum was the only place they could play. the little chiefs, in anonymity, well hidden behind a pseudo and a keyboard.

The problem is that when I think, I think in general too high …
The frustrated were unleashed and some escorts led me privately to measure my words, because the consequences could be dramatic.

I quickly understood that they were right, but it does not mean that I bowed to these “little men” …

Attention all the men frequenting these places of discussions are not all shabby, some are worse than others … (I joke of course), I even met some charming, that I always see with a lot of pleasure .

But some are so null that I sometimes wonder, if they are not ex who are hiding behind their nicks ;-).

Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman”, compared to a “lousy magnet”, I make the same sad report when I look at my emotional journey ….

A friend wondered:

“But how do you do to fall on such bells? You are not twisted or hunchbacked, you could still find better than the clampins you frequent.

It’s amazing!

If I had to summarize in a few words the few men who had shared a period of my love life, it would give this:

“Radicals, interested, parasites, broke, shameless, slackers, liars, thieves, profiteers, mytho, failures, etc. etc. … ”

I’m going there! 😉

I hardly exaggerate … Two people counted a lot in my

love life, D and N. He and she will recognize each other …. Bernard, a friend, told me one day, I would have your physical and your libido, I would be courtesan (in fact, it’s not exactly the term he used, but I prefer to stay polite …).

This sentence, launched at the corner of a bar counter, remained anchored in my brain and made sense on March 20, 2004. I became an escort girl, for my pleasure and above all, for that of my nice customers 😉

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